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  • Removing Failure as an Option

    Starting CrossFit is the best way I can think of to get into a great fitness routine and give a jump start to your motivation, which will probably affect additional things in your life – I’ve found it amazing how one decision / action can trigger others.  That said, it’s still intimidating to step in the door the first time and to continue stepping through it when you see the people around you in class, what they can do in terms of weight or speed – it can cause you to question your abilities and your sanity …

    Remember that CrossFit isn’t just for ‘fit’ people.  Yeah, we have more than our share of remarkable folks – I have to admit, many are downright awe inspiring – but truly our gym is just that .. it’s my place and it’s your place, which makes it an amazing place to be, no matter what your shape, size, age or fitness level.

    How Can I be Successful at CrossFit?

    • Most of the people you see at the gym are focused on their movements and workout; they’re not paying attention to you, nor are they judging you so don’t be afraid to do something because of how you ‘think’ you’ll look or because you feel awkward or uncoordinated – ask questions, try it and keep trying.  The smoothness in motion and speed you see going on around you will come to you with repetition, practice and correction, trust me!
    • Remember that everyone at the gym has been in your shoes at one time.  So while it looks like everyone BUT YOU knows what they’re doing, they all started as a newbie at some point and it doesn’t take long until you, too, will know the moves as well.  Be patient with yourself.
    • Don’t be afraid to attempt it – everything can be scaled.  If you can’t do a handstand pushup, you can do them from a box or you can do just pushups.  The secret of CrossFit is the scalability of the workouts, which is why we can all workout together in any of the classes that are offered. If you’re not comfortable doing a move, let one of the coaches know.  They have many different substitutions or a path to get you from where you are to that move.  They are excellent at supporting you as you learn and for those that know the moves, they are great at making your form even better while working out so you get the most out of each WOD.
    • If larger classes intimidate you, try some of the ‘off peak’ times as the gym has classes starting at 7 am and ending some 13 + hours later at 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  I happen to LOVE 8 am on Saturdays – it’s quiet, I’m done early and I’ve started my weekend with a bang! Try different days & times if you can, pick the ones that work for you, put it on your calendar and then show up – no excuses!
    • Recruit a friend, co-worker or family member to join with you – having a buddy is a built in plan for success and to keep each other motivated.  If you’re in it alone, talk to someone at the gym that you see in your class or working out before or after you – knowing someone’s name, asking how their workout went, telling them about your last PR can make a connection that keeps you coming back. Return the favor.
    • You’re here because you have a goal – that’s the goal of importance (to drop a pant size? to become healthier? to run a marathon? to get in better shape? or maybe Jesse’s favorite “to look good naked” – yeah, waaaayyy too much information there!).  When you step through the door, you’re there to focus on your strengths and abilities as well as sharing a laugh or smile with others, many of whom may have the same goals as you.

    For those who think “I’m not as good as them,” listen to my friend Kevin who told me that “actually … you’re just as good as anyone in class because you’re here.”  Doesn’t mean you have the skills or the technique that other members do, but it means that you show up and you don’t give up on your goals or your dreams or yourself.   Most of all, remember, there is no such thing as failure, there is only success or quitting and you are not a quitter, that’s why you are at our gym.  Every time you walk through the door and finish a WOD, you are practicing success.

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     – Colleen
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