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  • And the Survey says …

    I always learn something new or see a different side when I stop to ask questions, so to all of you who completed the WOD survey from Sunday – a BIG THANK YOU!!

    One of Jesse’s many talents is programming the WODS we do every day – from what to include, to new moves to train us in and figuring out the times and reps and rounds –  along with his “partners in crime” Randy & Tracy.  Each day, they let Kevin & I know the daily WOD, we create a web post & cross post that link to Facebook so you’ll know what to expect and can hit the door, ready.

    Asking all of you what’s working, let’s us see if the WOD posts are giving you what you need. Here are the totaled results, as I’m sure you’re as curious as I was to learn about your fellow CF’ers habits:


    I attend classes at CrossFit Everett based on:
    40% – my personal schedule
    26% – specific days of the week
    11% – friend / spouse attendance
    11% – if physically capable
      3% – if it looks brutal, I may not go
    Other Comments
    I check out the WOD. If there is a move I do not know I find a video of it to view before I arrive. Very helpful!
    I try to attend everyday, unless Jesse or Randy tells me I need to take a break!


    When it comes to the Workout of the Day (WOD), I check:
    46% –
    17% – Facebook
    21% – the white board when I get there
    Other Comments
    Read web site before I go workout
    Either FB or depending which I can view from where I am
    Sometimes I peek, because I like to compare WOD with outside CF members
    I may check online but will be going no matter what


    If you look at the WOD on the web before heading to class, do you:
    33% – use the knowledge to psych yourself up
    24% – check out YouTube for specific moves
    22% – use the knowledge to pick clothing/equipment
    17% – look up your last time or your last weight before class
     0% –  decide whether to go or not based on WOD
    Other Comments
    Starting counting down for the fun to begin!
    Just to know what to expect


    If you could change or add anything about the WOD posts …
    I would change nothing. Love this place.
    nothing they already kick my ass and i look forward to coming in everyday, even though i look forward to a day off crossfit more than i look forward to a day off of work.
    I love having the WOD posted so I can get ready for it. I like it when there is a link to a specific exercise so I can review for technique.
    have them up consistently each day
    I like how they’ve been up to look at early. For someone who has to tape their pants on for jump rope, it makes a big difference on being able to dress correctly. I don’t think I’ve ever not come to a WOD just because it was hard…
    Maybe add a link to view the movement
    I like them posted first thing in the morning.
    I do like the new addition of the catchy titles, such as, “I’ve got a fever..more kettle belle.” Always add a catchy title, maybe try to not use words that could be construed as negative words, such as “brutal” because then members that may not be that confident in their abilities might just go ahead and skip that due to their own insecurities I imagine using more uplifting and motivating words will online leave room for the excitement of what is to come!
    Make sure the wod’s are consistently posted the morning of. It’s just professional.
    The WOD posts are great I don’t thinks it is appropriate that people use them to avoid working out but that’s on them we are all paying for service here and if they don’t want to use what they pay for then it’s their problem.
    Nothing, your posts are just right.
    have you tube clips embedded so I’d know I was looking at the right thing!
     … to the person who’s comment was personal – thank you, you are too kind and you made me laugh!

    And my big surprise smile was a survey response from a soldier who is deployed in Israel and uses CFE’s posted WODs to work out each day– never set foot in our gym!  All the survey posts were anonymous, so we don’t know who you are BUT we just want you to know if you ever make it to Everett, we EXPECT to see you come in our door, introduce yourself and workout among friends – you’ll be at home! (their comment from question #4  “Nothing. Thank you very much for posting it. I know this is your business and I appreciate having access to your knowledge. If I ever make it to Everett I will come for a great workout.”)

    What we learned / what surprised us:

    • More of you use the CFE web site than Facebook to check the WODs (didn’t realize that some employers block FB access at the workplace, good to know!)
    • Everyone seems to like having the WODS posted in the AM, so they’d know what to expect – we thought most didn’t care (that you just show up & work out!)
    • More people are affected by schedules (work/school/kids) in terms of when they come to class – we thought maybe you just didn’t like the WOD that day & decided not to show up!
    • That knowledge is power and psyching yourself up before the workout is pretty darn popular!
    • YouTube is a favorite tool to figure out what a move involves before class and you like having links in the WOD post when possible for the new stuff we’ll been doing

    We’ll work on getting the posts done first thing M-F so you can psych yourself up, wear the right clothes/shoes for the WOD,check out the YouTube videos and most of all, know what to expect.

    Again, thanks for the time to take the survey and for all the great comments!

  • Thursday 1/19/12

    We will be closed in the morning (no am schedule of classes).

    Open Regular Hours in the Afternoon (pm classes are on!).

    Wod prep

    Back Squat 5×2


    4 Rounds Ascending  of:

    50 foot Crabwalk with Medball
    10 Ring Pushups
    5 Back Squats  (95 lb /135 lb)

    50ft Crabwalk with Medball
    20 Ring Pushups
    10 Back Squats  (95 lb /135 lb)

    50ft Crabwalk with Medball
    30 Ring Pushups
    15 Back Squats  (95 lb /135 lb)

    50Ft Crabwalk with Medball
    40 Ring Pushups
    20 Back Squats  (95 lb /135 lb)

    Scale / sub as needed. Post total time to comments.

  • The Sport of Fitness

    What separates CrossFit from the Golds, the “Y” and 24 Hour Fitness gyms? If you’re a member of CrossFit Everett, you know.

    If you’re not currently CrossFitting and you saw a Reebok / CrossFit ad during the game …

    Please enter the url to a YouTube video.

    You need to know that when you work out here, you workout with CrossFit trainers that coach you through every workout.

    When you’re CrossFitting, your workout is both solitary and social at the same time because you’re surrounded by a group of like-minded peers that will motivate you, hold you accountable, be your competitor, and your partner – it’s like nothing else.

    What other workout gives you: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy all in the same workout?

    Please enter the url to a YouTube video.

    The atmosphere, results and community are the reasons why people train here.
    Give it a try.
    Whether you are starting from scratch or you’re already CrossFit, join us to get the biggest bang for your buck.

    CrossFit Everett

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