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  • Reasons You Need to Experience CrossFit Everett

    Not everyone loves the gym or working out and not everyone is comfortable at the gym. But if you’re wondering whether to check out CrossFit, here are some reasons CrossFit Everett may be perfect for you.

    • You’re new to CrossFit.
      If you’re a couch potato, a beginning athlete or an elite athlete but never CrossFitted before –  you’ll need someone to show you the ropes so you learn the moves with correct depth, posture and range of motion and maybe more important, so you don’t injure yourself in the process of learning or working out. Our workouts are scaled to your abilities so you do not need to be an elite athlete to join or start CrossFit.  Probably the best reason to join? You’ll get expert coaching and work out with a variety of experienced CF athletes, who can be downright awe-inspiring.
    • Variety is king.
      It’s one thing if you’re totally into or dedicated to Yoga or Zumba, but if you like to dabble in different types of fitness, doing CrossFit could be the ticket for you. You’ll experience a wide variety of different types of movements and workouts, from running to rowing to Olympic lifting and everything in-between. There is no ‘standard’ workout when it comes to CrossFit as it’s an entire body workout, focusing on varied movements and it’s the hardest thing most of us will do all day, and it’s also the most efficient and rewarding exercise program you will experience.
    • You’re not motivated on your own.
      If the thought of working out at home kills your excitement & motivation, if you have exercise DVD’s you haven’t used or your dedication to walking or running or the equipment you have in your bedroom, basement or garage hasn’t motivated you – making the time to CrossFit will help put you in a mindset that has you sticking, not skipping, your workouts as well as motivating you.
    • You like the social experience.
      Who else can cheer and moan with you during class, better than your fellow athletes? Working out with us puts a social element into your fitness routine as you end up seeing some of the same athletes in class, who you get to know over time and when you see their dedication as well as accomplishments, it can be inspiring. We have a sense of community and you will be welcomed and cheered on.
    • You like the convenience.
      Probably nothing is more convenient than a workout at home, but if you’re not a fan of the living room/garage/basement workout, joining us could be the next best thing. We’re conveniently located, easy to get to and probably on your way home or to work. It’s a one-stop shop for strength-training and endurance and you know once you get there, you’ll be in and out in an hour or less.
  • Friday 3/2/12

    Squat Position / Front rack

    Strength / Skill
    Thrusters 5×2

    For time:

    Thrusters (65 lb / 95 lb)
    Toes to bar

    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments.


  • Thursday 2/23/12

    Prep for WOD

    Protocols for workout


    AMRAP 7 minutes:

    Max number of Burpees

    * This is the first Crossfit Games Open WOD for 2012 *

    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments.

    and if you’re not sure how a burpee is done, check out our
    fearless leader Jesse, doing 101 of them in 6 minutes …
    plus the lovely Tracy comes in part way – who can resist a burpee?

    Please enter the url to a YouTube video.


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