Paleo Challenge #1 – Are You Ready?

Weekly Paleo Challenge coming your way!

Our first challenge is a simple show and tell. We know you’re busy, but we also know that you have to eat! Over the next couple of weeks, simply take pictures of what you eat in a 24 hour period. Add in a little description, maybe how you felt that day and what you did, and voila! Challenge completed!

Submit completed entries to All entries will be compared by an impartial judge and the winner will receive $20. What do you have to lose? Variance in diet, inclusions of all food groups, and sticking to the ‘rules’ will all be considered.


As an example, here is what I eat in a fairly typical day:

I wake up at around 7am each day and make myself breakfast. My current favorite breakfast is a paleo breakfast bread served with cashew butter and applesauce.

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I make the bread fresh in the morning, because it takes all of 5 minutes, and then I pair it with egg coffee. It’s delicious and quick, and a good balance of fats, proteins, and carbs that I have found work well for me in the morning.



I take Asher to school and head back to CFE for a morning WOD at 10 am. Post WOD, I have a smoothie with protein powder and chia seeds. Since I have to pick Asher up at noon and fix lunch for both kids before getting Avery down for quiet time at 1 pm, a smoothie helps keep the hangry monster at bay while I’m getting to a point where I can make myself lunch.



4 5








Lunch today was a hash of sorts – chicken, onion, spinach, and apples with chili powder and cinnamon served over mashed sweet potato. Hot and delicious. And a lot of food!

Usually I have an afternoon snack composed of something like this: beef jerky, a paleo muffin, and an apple. This afternoon, Avery had soccer and I was still full from lunch.6

Dinner, however, was fantastic. A cabbage, carrot, cilantro salad mix with tilapia, cucumbers, and sesame ginger dressing.

7I added some extra crunch with some Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips. These are fantastically wonderful, and I can easily eat a whole bag of them. Seriously. So I measure out a portion to prevent myself from over-snacking:

That was my dinner. At the end of the day, I found myself feeling as though I was in need of a treat. Both children survived the day, ate dinner with minimal complaint, and the house was still standing around me – if somewhat worse for the wear. The laundry was washing and the dishes were done. What more incentive do I need to finish off the day with a little treat?

I had 4 squares of Theo chocolate. Now, what I like about Theo is that it is made locally (seriously – they give chocolate tours in their Seattle factory) and it is the only chocolate I have found that is made with no Soy Lecithin (a soy based stabilizing/preservative compound – yummy). It is also made with all fair trade ingredients, and it tastes wonderful! It’s not an everyday occurrence, but I do love me some Theo! So, that is a fairly typical day of food for me in a nutshell.8

You have until October 15th to submit your entries

Winner will be announced October 17th!

Good luck and eat paleo!





  1. Theresa

    Should we submit once or is this to be done several times over the week?

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