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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training:

  • Philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.
  • Program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.  Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything.

Will you benefit from doing CrossFit? Of course! You will become faster, stronger and more confident with each work out. Are you going to be sore? Yes! But there is a difference between soreness and actual pain (trust me, you will come to know the difference and thrive in that difference!). If you think about it, you have to start somewhere no matter what your chosen work out is.


What Makes us Different?

Big box gyms are structured to make money by getting you to sign up, locking you in for a year or more, then hoping you never come back. You may get a tour of the gym, but you’re on your own after the first session. They aren’t there to ensure technique is good when weight gets heavy or you get tired. CrossFit Everett is accountable to you as we believe in earning your business everyday.

  • Your attendance is our goal.
  • Your hard work is our passion.
  • Your success is our business plan.

We are committed to life-long functionality — through workouts that are constantly varied so that you are consistently challenged. You won’t get bored.

The movements used in CrossFit are not generally taught in regular gyms. They provide fitness, prolonged functionality and improved health, they require dedicated instruction and the proper space/facility to accommodate them. There are no machines here. You are the machine and a CrossFit Everett coache is teaching, correcting, motivating and encouraging during our classes, watching form and instructing you on how to move safely and efficiently. This leads to less injuries, confidence and really, faster results.


The Class Offerings

We offer over 50 classes each week – check out our current schedule to find a workout time that works with your schedule.

Our Introduction class – For people who have never tried CrossFit before, we have two free introduction classes where you’ll get an overview of CrossFit, and then a basic body weight movement workout, and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Our Foundation Class – If you’re interested in joining CrossFit Everett after your introduction class(es), we usually require attendance to our Foundation class. Foundation classes start at the beginning of each month and run on a 4-week cycle (meeting every Tuesday – Thursday at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 8:00 am – for a total of 12 classes). Each class teaches the basic elements and movements of CrossFit to properly prepare you to enter regularly scheduled classes/WODs. No matter how experienced you are, this class is valuable and worth the time and money.

Our Regular classes – This is what you’re probably used to seeing or hearing about.  Our regular CrossFit classes are approximately an hour in length. Everybody starts at the same time, our coaches walking around helping out and keeping track, and everybody is supporting each other. Even if you think you have perfect form on your squats, dead lifts and/or overhead presses, it’s amazing what can be fixed when you have a trained set of eyes watching you do them.

Most of the time, the best results come from simply sticking with it. Training is hard. It makes you sore. It hurts your feelings. But it’s always worth it when you see results, and results come from consistency. It’s like the old adage says: “success consists of getting up one more time than you fail.”


What Are Classes Like?

Our regular classes are generally split into three or four sections:

  1. Warm up: Running the block, rowing, jumps, jump rope, squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups. Functional movements, stretches, and mobility work that compliment the movements you’ll be doing in the workout that day.
  2. Skill/Strength work: You may be working on a pure strength movement (like squats or deadlifts) or you may be working on a skill and try to improve, like one-legged squats, double unders or muscle ups.
  3. WOD: the workout of the day. This is the workout that’s posted on our web site every Monday through Friday that assigns a specific number of reps of particular exercises as quickly as possible, or you’ll have a set time limit to do as many of a certain exercise as possible.
  4. Cool down and stretching: Either as a group, or by yourself, you’re encourages to stretch out to keep soreness (DOMS) away!

You have the freedom to choose and attend different class times, depending on your schedule as the same workout is taught throughout the day to each class.

Want to learn more? Contact us and make an appointment for your assessment and two free classes!

CrossFit Everett - 1302 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 98201 - c:425.328.6941 o:425.212.9944 - info@crossfiteverett.com

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