Has Anyone Seen Rob??

If you haven’t seen Rob in almost two weeks – are you wondering what was up? Keep reading …

Hello Crossfit Friends,

I am missing you guys and our work outs together, unfortunately I have come down with an odd injury.  I tried to give Jesse a call a couple of times last week, but he did not have it in him to answer, maybe that explains why he can only afford to cut his hair once a year.

The story goes like this, last Tuesday, the day after our Tabata, my left knee started aching about 2pm.  Normal DOMS, no big deal.  As the day went, it got worse to the point I could not bend my leg. Did not sleep Tuesday night due to pain, Wednesday morning I had to drive to Tacoma.  It took 5 minutes to get in the car, 5 minutes to get out.  The pain was so bad, I spent the entire drive yelling obscenities, pounding on the steering wheel and hitting myself in the face – it really helped with knee pain.  The meeting involved construction claims and was contentious, nevertheless, I walked into the meeting (very, very slowly), introduced myself, and then explained that I very much want to participate in the meeting, but I have to lay down on the floor.  Other than that, it was a productive meeting. Same routine driving home.

On Thursday, pain is even worse – decide a doctor visit might be a good idea. Happily, he was able to diagnose the problem. No Paul, it was not from ingesting a Happy Meal. Gout?  Blood clot?  Meniscus tear? No.  Two words – Winnie the Pooh.  I have done Karen multiple times until dizzy,  I have done Grace, Helen and Darrell, but I am taken down by Winnie the Pooh.

It seems on the prior Thursday, my 2-year-old and I were watching the aforementioned Pooh.  Not any Pooh, but the 1967 classis full length movie.  We are sitting on the couch with our lovable cat when the 2-year-old gets up to do her favorite Tigger dance.  The cat finds this completely unacceptable, and decides to bite me just to the left of my left knee cap.  It took two pulls to dislodge his teeth from my leg before he took flight across the room and against the wall.  I cleaned it up, but it apparently became infected without me realizing it.  The infection along with the squats during the Tabata was enough to light up my patella (?) tendon.  I am on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds, feeling a little bit better, but still have lots of pain and swelling and walk with a stiff leg.  This may take a while.

I know this is pathetic, but I own it.  My only solace is that I did not cause the infection by using a commando knife,  just used to cut raw meat, to dig out an ingrown hair on my knee.  I was told “hey, I took a match to it”, I am pretty sure he meant the knee.

All the best, hope to see you soon.


  1. Kristal

    Oh my, ouch! Great story though. LMAO!!

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