Getting Started at Crossfit Everett

Getting started can be simple, with an interest in improving your health and fitness, you’re just a few steps away:

1. Reach out.

Drop in / Email / Call. Talk to any of the coaches about setting up your first 2 workouts – for free.

When you decide to check out CrossFit, we encourage you to check out other CrossFit Affiliates before deciding to join us. If you CAN’T describe the atmosphere of a CrossFit gym as that of encouraging, accepting, and dedicated to excellence, you need to find another to train in/at as every one varies based on the collective attitude and culture of each.  Our athletes are some of the most diverse in EVERY way possible from fitness levels, ages, genders, or careers and are the most encouraging and sincerely supporting each athlete you’ll find.

Not unlike other relationships (from choosing a doctor or dentist or a contractor for your home), when you select a CrossFit gym to join, you’re choosing someone to trust with your health & safety, you’re looking to be encouraged, guided, educated and most of all to be confident in the training you’ll receive as being the best match for you and your learning style.  It’s why the first two sessions are free at CrossFit Everett – as in any relationship; there should be a good fit on both sides of the equation.

2. Come in.

Your first visit will consist of an overview of our gym and programming, and a base physical assessment. This is a standard workout that all new members complete and is a gauge for your fitness level at the time of entry. We’ll then work with you to establish your ideal workout frequency or class schedule as you get adapted to our programming.

Feel free to ask a lot of questions watch a class or two, talk to the members that you see and try out a class before you make a decision on joining. You may need to drive by closer places in order to get to the place that helps you thrive in one of the most remarkable training methodologies out there.

3. Work.

Come to the gym prepared to work.  You will be amazed at the fitness gains you achieve, at the friendships you will build, and the experiences you have here in our gym.

Learn More About CrossFit Here or Contact Us To Get Started!

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