Karridi Mauer

Meet Karridi Mauer, our first featured athlete for 2014. Karridi is loved by all – so if you haven’t met her yet, introduce yourself to a person who’s described by the following phrases:

“You can ask people at CFE the gym about who is the most welcoming member, and they would all tell you it’s Karridi! Karridi is model CFE athlete in so many ways. Not only is she pleasant to talk to during warm-ups, but she will continue to encourage athletes around her through an entire WOD. Behind Karridi’s smile is a strong, beastly Crossfitter. She is committed to mastering each move during a WOD and even gets a “second wind” halfway through to finish strong. She muscles through every pull-up with torn hands and deadlift with all her might. She is continuously pushing herself to lift more, WOD faster, and push harder. She is unafraid to try to new things, like headstand push-ups and a max height box jumps. She even came into lift the evening before her son was born!”

Congratulations Karridi!




Q&A with Karridi:

What fitness improvements have you experienced as a result of doing CrossFit?
Just to name a few… I never thought I would be able to do pullups, rope climbs, hand stand push ups, deadlift more than 200 lbs, squat more than my body weight, etc and I have exceeded all of those abilities and look forward to continuing to surprise myself.


What changes have you made in your nutrition program?
I conformed to eating the paleo lifestyle after a 30 day paleo challenge that I committed to in October of 2012. Let’s be honest, 30 days without an alcoholic beverage was not in my cards, so I did have a cheat or 2 with wine, BUT I was almost 100% with cutting out dairy, grains, sugars and anything processed and I have never felt better! I had more energy, was stronger, slept better, had clearer skin, softer hair, and I ate SO MUCH food! And, it was good food. I always thought I ate “healthy” when I ate barely anything and wasn’t fueling my body appropriately. I was lacking energy that whole foods eaten in the right combination (Paleo) provides and I didn’t know it!


What has been the hardest part of these changes for you?
Giving up cheese! And, Wine!


What is your athletic / fitness background?
Starting with High School, I played Volleyball and Tennis. I was also a Cheerleader.

During college, I worked out at 24 hour fitness, running on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then lifting some dumbbells (acting like I knew what I was doing) and used some of the other weight machines, but NEVER saw results that I was hoping for. I would occasionally attend a kickboxing class or step aerobics and still didn’t see the results that I wanted which was a toned physique. I tried running and got involved in local 5k and 10k runs, then I ran the Seattle Half Marathon (in 2009, I think), and I hated it. I finished, but with pain in my knees and swear words flying! Running for exercise wasn’t anything I wanted to pursue as ‘my form’ of exercise or release. I continued the gym and running until I started CrossFitting.


What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?
My supportive CrossFit family, and the constantly varied WOD’s. The encouragement and comaraderie of the athletes and the workouts of the day always changing keeps it fun. I was always bored at the standard gyms or routes that I would run. In addition, CrossFit has pushed me Physically and I’ve been able to do more things, faster, stronger, better, than I ever thought I was capable of. It’s amazing and SO FUN!!!

Favorite WOD?
Annie – Situps and Double Unders. I will challenge anyone! :)


What are some remaining fitness goals that you have for yourself?
I really want to get better at Thrusters and not fear FRAN so much! Thus, ultimately improve my Fran time!

What advice do you have for others that are looking into CrossFit?
Don’t give up after your first class or even your first week. I recommend anyone to try it for at least one month or longer and if you still aren’t finding the awesomeness in it, try a different box.

What have you learned about yourself in doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in October of 2011 and I have definitely learned some things about myself:

 1) I consider myself a not competitive person. I actually get quite uncomfortable in competitive situations, and most of the time I will not choose to compete such as in a competition setting. CrossFit has taught me that I AM competitive but in a different nature than others. I’m competitive with myself. I care (A LOT) if I do a wod more than once and if my score the second time I do it was not an improvement from the first time, I will beat myself up over that!

2) Mental Strength: trying things out of my comfort zone and surprising myself with success (YAY!) and/or failing, but continuing to try because inevitably the movement that I failed at would show up in a WOD again and I would not be able to just run away from it! :)

3) Physical Strength: I have surprised myself with weights that I could lift and/or my speed at certain movements or workouts and I have further surprised myself with the progress I continue to make lifting more and becoming even better/faster. Always room for improvement and it NEVER gets old!


How did you find or learn about CrossFit?
I had heard about CrossFit just a little bit here and there. I thought nothing of it – I really wasn’t interested in my ‘time’ or ’rounds’ being written on a white board for everyone to see and compare. Then, my husband Brandon (who also CrossFits with me!) heard about it and he too was looking for a new fitness regimen and wanted something other than what a standard gym offers. Then our dear friends started CrossFitting and we heard how positive their experiences were. Brandon researched CrossFit gyms close to our home and this led us to step foot in CFE and give it a whirl. I was so nervous, but excited for a change and to finally (hopefully) see the physical changes I desired to see in my body. I’d say for the first few months, I had butterflies every day upon entering the gym to find out what the wod was in fear that I would be set up for doing something I was scared as heck to do. (The wods weren’t posted on the web until the end of the day back then). We haven’t looked back once! I would say I’m addicted!



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