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  • Congratulations to Charity Vale of Crossfit Snohomish Crossfit.
    2nd Place Overall in the 2009 Crossfit Games at Aromas CA.
    Everett is proud of you!
  • Are we POSE runners now? Thanks Coach Jeff. Your input, style, leadership and presence are making Crossfit Everett a better affiliate and us better people. Thanks again.

  • Monthly Monster
    Our good gym mate Jesse, has crafted, with a little input from some of you, a Monthly Monster workout. You can pick a day and choose to do this as the WOD instead of the group WOD that day, with the full support of Coach Mark.

    The idea here is to test ourselves against a daunting workout. A workout that seems like it can’t be done or because of the loads or reps intimidates us is the one that gives the best test. We cannot nor should we, take on a workout of this scope very often. Monthly is plenty. You are posting your time voluntarily but we would appreciate seeing who has attempted it. This will encourage the other athletes at CFE to take on big WODs.

    All WODs need tweaking. None are perfect although I attempt to give them an intelligent rhythm, flow, stimulus focus and congruency that will get you stronger faster. The Monster will be less controllable because of the shear volume of work to be done so grit your teeth and get after it.

    There is no hierarchy at CFE. All athletes have the same value and are esteemed equally. Attempting the Monster will be up to you. Your motives and reasons are yours and none of our business. Your time is yours as well as your effort.

    As always with Crossfit, give it your best and your best efforts will give you the best results. That’s it. Simple.

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