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  • Foundation Class Starts Tonight!


    CrossFit can be intimidating for beginners, which is why our expert coaches at CrossFit Everett offer an introductory course for newbies. Our Foundation class is your introduction to CrossFit. The emphasis of the twelve sessions of Foundation class is skill development and exposure to the basic elements of our program. It’s the safest and surest way that we can help those new to CrossFit get started and it is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing CrossFit group classes. The emphasis on technique will lay the foundation that will ensure your success at the next level.

    CrossFit Everett will get you moving with diverse workouts of the day (a.k.a WOD’s), involving everything from jumping rope to power lifting. From policemen to new moms, anyone who needs to increase stamina and strength can experience impressive results by embracing CrossFit.

    # of classes: Twelve sessions

    # of days per week:  3


    • Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 pm
    • Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 pm
    • Saturday 8:00 am – 9:00 am

    Cost: $160.00

  • Change to Gym Hours Tomorrow (09/06)

    Sorry for the short notice!


    The gym will be open from 10 -12 tomorrow

    Foundation class for Saturday is cancelled and will be re-scheduled

  • Body Fat Testing Coming Your Way!

    If you want to join the Paleo Challenge, you will NEED to schedule this test in order to participate.

    When surveyed, more people had an interest in body fat testing than any of the other options. So for those of you who would like to know your body’s composition, this is your opportunity. The price of $65.00 includes two tests, one on Saturday 9/20 and again 60 days later on Saturday 11/15 – great time to challenge yourself, whether it’s diet or workout – or both!
    If you haven’t heard about this before, here’s some data:

    There is no other method in existence that is more—or as—accurate as hydrostatic testing. It’s impossible to say that it’s some-percentage (e.g. 99.9%) accurate, or what the “margin of error” is. To say that, there would have to be a better method of determining body fat than hydrostatic testing to compare to. The accuracy of other methods like caliper testing or BOD POD do have margins of error—because their accuracies are a measure of how close their results are to hydrostatic testing. If there was a better method we would use it. We strive to use the latest technoloy to acheive the most accurate results.


    Dates: The Hydrostatic Testing truck will be here

    • Saturday 9/20 from 7am – 1pm
    • Saturday 11/15 from 7am – 1pm


    • $65/person (this covers BOTH tests on the dates listed above) if you’re JUST doing the body fat testing
    • $100/person (this covers BOTH tests on the dates listed above AND your Paleo Challenge fee) if you’re doing the Paleo Challenge


    • A towel
    • A snug fitting bathing suit (baggy clothes will capture air and may influence test results)
    • Please take a shower if you just worked out
    • Don’t wear heavy makeup, hair gel or lotion
    • Although drinking water and exercise will not affect your results eating a big meal within two hours of the test can.

    The water in the tank is continuously filtered while the clinic is in operation, chlorinated, pH balanced, and approximately 90° F. The clinic is also heated and/or cooled depending on the weather.

    PrivacyThere is a private changing room and an entrance door that can be closed during testing. Your data is private too, unless you ask we do not share your results with anyone but you and we do not sell your contact information.

    What do you getYour analysis will include a four-page report showing:

    • Your body fat and lean mass percentages and weights
    • How your percentage body fat compares to others
    • How much fat, if any, needs to be lost in order to reach your composition goals
    • Basal metabolic rate—how many calories/day you burn without exercising
    • Personal caloric intake and expenditure chart—how many calories/day you burn when doing various exercises and activities
    • Historical readings and progress, if more than one test has been taken

    if you go to, you can see a YouTube video of the entire process!


    To Participate:

    1. Check or Cash to Robyn (no credit cards).
      An envelope will be with the sign up sheet so you can deposit your funds. Please include your NAME if you pay in cash
    2. Choose your time slot on the sign up sheet @ the gym AFTER you’ve paid to reserve your spot.
    3. Mark your Calendar & Get Measured & Be ready to get dunked!  Each test will take approximately 10-15 minutes. For more details and FAQs regarding the test click here.

    The testing can also include a bone density test at an additional cost, you will pay the truck directly for that test on the day of testing if you’d like to do that.


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