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  • Paleo Challenge – The Spring Edition Is Coming Soon!

    are you Ready?
    are you Set?
    it’s almost Paleo!

    Paleo Challenge – What to eat

    1. YES to meat, seafood, vegetables, some fruit, eggs, nuts, and seeds.
    2. No to processed foods.
    3. No to sugar.
    4. No grains.
    5. No to legumes.
    6. No to dairy.
    7. Less alcohol.
    8. Fewer sweet fruits and starchy vegetables.
    9. Cook with real fats.


    Paleo Challenge – How to Move
    CrossFit, need we say more? Oh but you bet we will say more as the time gets closer!


    Paleo Challenge – What Sleep?
    It’s about quality, quantity and 7 – 9 hours every day.


    So…You in?


    More details coming soon on the CFE Paleo Challenge, stay tuned!
    In the meantime, you check out a few resources to get more depth & detail on Paleo books, movies, web sites & posts from Whole9.

  • The Paleo Challenge

    The Paleo Diet is not a diet.
    The Paleo Diet is the modern nomenclature for human nutrition, and the fact that we need to name the concept of “human food” means we have reached a completely ridiculous place in the evolution of our species where we have forgotten who we are and where we came from.
    Humans are the only creatures on earth that use the word “diet” as a verb.
    Animals don’t do diets, they have a diet.  They also don’t suffer from the extensive list of noninfectious diseases that we do.
    What is the lesson here?  We need to try to find the ideal human diet in today’s modern world.  Or by definition, go paleo.

    – Jason Sieb

    It’s almost here, the 45 day Paleo Challenge!
    It’s gonna be a great way to kick off your spring / summer!
    You’re gonna be excited, enthusiastic and raring to go.

    Details Coming Soon!

  • Keeping on Track, Paleo Style

    Paleo is human nutrition as defined by a couple million years of natural selection.
    Stand back and take a good look at your nutrition. Does it resemble the natural human diet?
    If not, you have another reason why you aren’t getting the results you want.
    Jason Seib


    With a new Paleo Challenge on the horizon (next month, look for more details soon), it’s a great time to take a look at your diet — and we mean diet in the sense of what you fuel your body with – to check the habits you have. If you’re going to be starting out on the Paleo Challenge with us next month, these tips may help make the transition easier, which in turn makes you more successful.

    Not planning ahead, skipping a meal (we all know how work /school schedules can be sometimes), traveling or just being out of your regular routine makes it easy get into trouble, falling off the wagon with ease. Everyone at one time or another has ‘those’ times and if you come home late to an empty fridge with a hungry stomach – you’re heading under the “wheels of the wagon” and a fast food drive through could be in your future.

    Are you prepared or do you eat out?

    Here are a couple of simple tips to bullet-proof your Paleo and keep on track:

    1. In the morning or even the night before, think ahead to what the day is going to hold schedule wise and what dinner will be. Prime opportunity to use the slow cooker (here are 30 Paleo recipes for the slow cooker), or take meat (or other food items) out of the freezer and move them to the fridge so you’ve got something to work with when you get home.
    2. Prep in advance. Choose a day or an evening where you can cook extra foods, or get meals ready for the week (chopping veggies, putting meat in marinate, putting together the next soup or stew in the crock pot liner & putting it in the fridge for tomorrow’s meal). I tend to do prep after grocery shopping so I’ve got chopped celery, red peppers, salads ready to go for the week ahead which makes grabbing something for lunch much easier, too.
    3. Make extra when you cook. Try to get 2-3 meals out of one larger recipe. Cook two whole chickens (takes like 5 minutes more of cooking time), eat one for dinner, use the other and leftovers for chicken soup or salads. If you’re grilling burgers, cook a few extra and put them in the freezer – a quick defrost and you’ve got an instant meal basis on a frantic evening.
    4. Take advantage of things that will save you time: your freezer (learn which foods freeze well and which don’t – this guy has some great tips on what you can freeze and for how long), the crock pot and a foodsaver vacuum sealer (salad in a jar one of my favorite things!)
    5. Always keep your supplies stocked. Keep a list in of the things you eat regularly, check the list before you shop so you’re never without the food items/dishes that make up your ‘go-to’ meals.

    6. Keep a small stash of paleo friendly foods at work (a Lara bar, some raw almonds from Trader Joes, maybe a can of tuna or some jerky tucked in a drawer) for those times when lunch just isn’t going to happen.  Having something good to reach for (whether it’s your car’s glove box, purse, gym bag or desk at work) is another way to keep yourself on track.

    Start simple with your planning, stay consistent with your prep, you’ll get some great benefits in planning ahead (eating at home not only saves money but it can save your healthy eating habits from going astray), do it for yourself. When you save money and you eat healthy by knowing what you’re putting in your fuel tank, it feels good!


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