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  • Paleo Winners!

    I would like to announce and congratulate the winners of this current paleo challenge! Contestants’ food logs, workout performance, fat loss and lean muscle gain over the eight week challenge were all considered in the final score tabulation. The male and female winner will both receive a $145 cash prize for all their hard work!

    Without further ado:

    • Congratulations to Theresa Costanzo and Steve Cherewaty! They are our challenge winners!
    • Placing a close second were Nina Blakey and Brad Gross.

    Between all competitors, 25 lbs of pure fat were lost, and 11 lbs of lean muscle gained over the 8 week challenge period.

    Theresa had the greatest fat loss and muscle gain percentages of all competitors.
    Brad Gross had the greatest increase in his performance of all competitors.
    My joints stopped popping two weeks into the challenge and I feel terrific! I definitely got stronger and I feel like I have more energy. Now the real work begins as I try to keep it going.
    – Steve Cherewaty
    I’ll just start by saying I love food and I love to cook, especially new recipes. So the Paleo challenge sounded like an 8 week cooking experiment with the added benefits of potential fat loss and an increase in athletic performance.  Although I had a few recipe failures (cauliflower tortillas and Singapore crepes come to mind), I feel the experiment was a success.
    My 3 favorite foods are bread, yogurt and peanut butter. Those are the 3 top reasons I never tried Paleo before. I’ve also had issues with low blood sugar, feeling shaky and sometimes mentally foggy and short tempered if I went too long between eating. So eliminating carbs seemed like a bad idea.
    I was pleasantly surprised at my body’s reactions to Paleo. I won’t lie, the first 2 weeks were rough. I had many bouts of shakiness and brain fog but I just ate another turkey lettuce wrap and stuck with it. I After those first weeks I found I didn’t need the between meal snacks, I wasn’t getting shaky anymore. I also found that my stomach and digestion were working better. I never realized how frequently my stomach was uncomfortable until after eating Paleo and it started feeling good. I used to feel wiped out after a 4:30 WOD, barely got through prepping dinner and the evening routine before crashing into bed. Now I still have energy in the evenings and less muscle soreness after workouts.
    I am really pleased with the measurable results too. I had a decrease in my body fat percentage, an increase in muscle and an increase in my WOD performance. I’ve also been able to set several new PR’s in lifting. I followed the Plan to letter for 8 weeks but I plan to continue keeping my food log so I can introduce some of my favorite foods and be able to track my body’s reaction. I certainly don’t want to lose any of the progress I’ve made.
    – Theresa Costanzo
    Feel free to ask them about their experiences and results. Maybe you’ll hear something to help you give it a try for yourself!
  • Paleo Challenge # 2 – Winner!

    photo 5

    Congratulations to Theresa, who is the winner of our Paleo “get it on the table quick” challenge!

    Check out here recipe & give it a try … looks great!


    This was one of my first successful Paleo dinners. I like it because with the addition of a pot of microwave rice for the non-Paleo members of the family, dinner is on the table in under 20 minutes. The idea for the recipe was adapted from NomNom Paleo.


    • a pound of grass-fed ground beef
    • 1lb. mushrooms
    • Garlic
    • coconut oil
    • coconut aminos
    • Thai fish sauce (optional, I add mine at the table because no one else likes the flavor)
    • apple cider vinegar
    • a bag of broccoli slaw
    • green onions.


    1. Slice mushrooms and start them cooking in the coconut oil.
    2. When they start to release their water add 2 cloves of crushed garlic.
    3. Cook 1-2 minutes before adding ground beef. Cook until no longer pink.
    4. Add aminos, vinegar and fish sauce, if you’re using it, and some sea salt and fresh pepper.
    5. Take a taste and add more seasonings if you like.
    6. Add broccoli slaw, about 2 big handfuls. I usually just fill up the pan.

    Cook and toss for 3 more minutes. Add green onions and cilantro if you’ve got any (I didn’t today).

    Serve in lettuce cups. I like butter lettuce best, but any kind will do.

    I also like it drizzled with Siracha sauce.



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  • Time to Dunk!!

    Attention all CFE members!

    Hydrostatic Fat Testing is back!

    All Paleo challenge competitors MUST retest their body composition – the test takes about 10 minutes and you are welcome to work out afterwards. For the most consistent results, try to test at a similar time with a similar morning beforehand.
    For those NOT competing in the paleo challenge, if you fat tested the first time around, you have a second test to check your progress as well!
    Sign up for a time slot – the sign up sheet will be in the yellow PALEO food log binder by the Wodify station.
    For all other gym members – if you have always wondered what your body composition is and you missed the first go-round, here is your chance and you can pay the truck after your test.

    More details below!

    Newbies can go here SEE THE VIDEO  to see the process
    HYDROSTATIC BODY COMP. TRUCK  AKA “The Fat Truck” will visit 
    Crossfit Everett 
    on Saturday, November 15th from 7am-11am
    Hydrostatic analysis is an underwater  method of accurately determining  a persons’  body fat to lean tissue. Takes about 10 minutes. Bring swimsuit and towel. The cost for this test is only $49, retests are only $35. 
    It will provide you a detailed 4 page report. Including;
    • A reference table showing where you are and where you could be for setting achievable goals 
    • Your resting metabolic rate and total caloric burn during specific exercise
    • Accurate assessment of your body fat % and lean mass
    • Detailed tracking of previous tests
    • DEXA bone density screening also available (both tests only $88)
    • go to for more info.
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