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  • This Saturday – Olympic Lifting Max Out @ 2:00 pm!

  • Movember … The Battle Rages!

    If you’re not following FB, you’ve missed the Movember teams taunts & challenges so we’re bringing you the play by play!

    mmJoe starts the rant to motivate the team “wow, you guys are really pretty lame. not only is my mustache really kicking ass, but I have raised more funds than all of you combined. Movember is almost halfway over, you better get your shit together boys.”

    Yes, never call men “boys” unless you want some feedback …
    Ken states
    Um, you have me by $1(oh and this morning? Ken is ahead by $29 .. neck and neck, I tell you!)

    And then we have a surprise TWIST to the plot

    Kole says Let’s see the stache big guy!! I’m growing mine too!”
    Joe expresses his excitement at the possibility of fresh ‘meat’ to the team, making sure all rules we followed
    did you start clean-shaven on 11/1? If so, on our team, raise some money, support Movember with CFE.”

    Kole joins the team!!

    Part II

    man4Joe sends another salvo to the team “I think we need some sort of Movember fundraiser to bring in some donations. Damn those “Boobs and Barbells” people for being more Crossfit friendly than the “Movember” organization. I think a bake sale is out, unless we get our wives to bake for us, and maybe even take care of the sale part. It seems to be too little chilly out to have a car wash outside the gym. Maybe a Chippendale’s style review, like in The Full Monty? ideas, guys?”


    Other CFE athletes chip in their ideas and cat calls:

    • jello wrestling? wet t-shirt contest?
    • I’d pay to watch you guys jello fight haha
    • maybe those big blow up sumo wrestler costumes & watch you guys go at it!! pay per view!!
    • Bikini barista car wash? (oh Robby …)

    Joe has to stop the wrestling idea in it’s tracks withI will only wrestle Jesse in jello if his hands are tied behind his back and his legs are hobbled. And so long as I can tag out and send in Ken when I need a rest.” He then goes on to explainhave you seen the weight advantage that Jesse has on me, plus the wrestling background? a straight up match would be unfair and one-sided (but painfully eventful). Now if we could get some co-ed jello wrestling (for charity of course), I’d be down for it.”
    Turns out he’d be down for the bikini barista tho
    “I will bring the car wash supplies. we could do it right there in front of the gym.”

    So who’s gonna win this competition? One more from Joe “Come on, Team Crossfit Everett is really floundering. My mustache is kicking everyone’s ass, and I have personally brought in more donations than everyone else on the team, combined! Please donate to ‪#‎Movember‬ so my Mustache may grow and change the face of men’s health, and so that I CAN WIN.


    You can help any of the individuals on the team by donating on the links below — and remember, your donation supports world-class men’s health programs that combat prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems – it’s a competition with winners all around.

    3b564a77854010f6b7021f174cceaa29-543fe036d9b95Donate HERE to help Joe & the CFE Team
    Donate HERE to help Ken & the CFE Team
    Donate HERE to help Norm & the CFE Team
    Donate HERE to help Brooks & the CFE Team

    (and sorry, I can’t find Kole on the list yet!)

  • It’s a Boy!

    It’s A Boy!



    A special  welcome to the latest member of the CFE family, born November 6th
    Atticus Henry Halverson, who weighed in at 8lb 1oz and 19.5 inches long.

    Congratulations to Shayna & Aaron !

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