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  • Coming to CrossFit Everett in Movember …





  • CrossFit to Save Second Base – October 25th

    It’s October already and you know what that means…

    28488_1339722777.514Breast Cancer Awareness Month28488_1339722777.514

    Here is your opportunity to help prevent breast cancer from taking another life.


    Starting a high noon on October 25th, we are hosting a Barbell for Boobs event. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection, regardless of age, gender, or ability to pay.

    This event is open to EVERYBODY. Athletes of all levels and their friends / families to join us for what will surely be an event to remember. Come on down for a great day and a great cause. We ask you to wear  as much pink as possible, bring a positive attitude, a smile, and join us to save a pair!


    WHEN:              October 25th – starting @ 12:00 noon

    WHERE:            CrossFit Everett – 1302 Hewitt, Everett, WA 98201

    COST:               $35.00 registration fee

    DIVISIONS:        Male / Female / RX / Scaled

    WORKOUT:       During Saturday’s event, we will be doing the workout, “Grace” – 30 clean and jerks for time

    WHO:                All CrossFit coaches, members, kids, friends, and loved ones!

    WHAT:               In addition to setting a Grace PR, participants can:

    • Entered into a raffles for great prizes
    • Win Prizes! A prize for the winner of each heat and an overall prize for the winner of each division.
    • Participate & cheer on your friends as they compete in a “Grace”!


    Everyone is welcome not just competitors. Please visit the CFE Team Page below to donate to the cause.

    You can also donate to our donation cup that will be at the gym, Any amount is greatly appreciated.

    We have the whole month of October to reach our goal, which is $3,000 dollars.


    You can also donate without participating by going to this link


  • Get it, Joe!


    Who chooses to run 26.2 miles for fun?joe
    Sets out a detailed training plan, working that plan over a year for one specific race?
    Run so much that four of his toenails fall off?


    If you didn’t know him before, you do now – meet our own Joe Costanzo



    Joe is leaving on Tuesday, on his way to Berlin, Germany to run the Berlin Marathon. I know any number of us wish we were on the sidelines to cheer him on – holding up the signs that would make him laugh or put some wind at his back. Instead Joe – we’re got a virtual rooting section for you … just some words of wisdom from your friends:


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    And from directly from Joe – how he got to Berlin:

    I’ve never been physically active, and I was certainly never a runner. I remember running a mile in high school. once. and that’s about it. couldn’t do a pull up either. after college, married and working, I got fat and lazy. pushing maybe 235 pounds, bad back, going downhill. about 3 years ago, my best friend challenged me to train up and do the USMC Ultimate Mud Run with him in Columbia, South Carolina. to start my training, I started running by going zero to 5K over a month, in the summer of 2011. After the mud run in the fall, and then a variety of trail runs and mix of weight lifting and running, I ran my first full marathon in summer 2012. then I followed it with a 2nd full marathon 3 weeks later. then I pretty much quit running, and gave myself to crossfit 5 days a week. I had been crossfitting for about 1.5 years, practically without any running. I was happy to get stronger, but every once in while I would think about the running, the training plan, the goal. When they opened the registration for the Berlin Marathon last fall, they changed up their registration process. as opposed to other Majors like Boston, with a strict qualifying criteria, Berlin went with the lottery. seeing as I had a chance, I entered. And then I won the lottery…

    The Berlin Marathon is one of the World’s largest and most popular marathons. it is one of the 6 marathons that comprise the World Marathon Majors (Chicago, New York, Boston, London, Berlin, Japan). The most marathon world records have been set in Berlin, and the current men’s world marathon record, 2:03:23, was set in Berlin last year. in 2008, the Berlin Marathon was the 5th largest marathon of all time, with 35,786 finishers. in 2014, 40,000 people will run Berlin. a 26.2 mile loop (42K), the course starts and finishes at the Brandenburg Gate between East and West Berlin. Only since 1990 have runners been able to run through the gate linking the unified city. After leaving Brandenburg Gate, the course passes Charlottenburg, around Tiergarten, along Moabit and Mitte, and then south to Friedrichshain. After that, it winds west between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, through Schöneberg, over to Steglitz and Zehlendorf, before turning north back toward the city’s center. Looping above Schöneberg, the course comes full circle as it finishes through the Gate.


    From my first 5 mile trail run, my first 10 mile trail run, my first half marathon, my first full marathon, and to my multiple full, for all of them I have used running plans developed by Hal Higdon. Hal is a classic runner, the longest running contributor to Runner’s World Magazine, and has virtually trained hundred of thousands of people (if not millions) to run marathons. I developed a strong respect for The Plan. Trust in The Plan, and The Plan will get you there. It’s like Mike Allsop (pilot, adventurer, multiple marathoner) told me: establish a goal, develop a plan, overcome your failures and keep going. I chose Hal’s “personal best” plan. It’s a 30 week training plan to develop you for your best marathon run ever. it follows the basic “stress, recover, repeat” you’ll hear from Bill Bowerman, with a similar periodisation as popularized by Arthur Lydiard. the first half of the plan had a lot of speed work (intervals, hill repeats, tempo runs, etc). the second half (which I am pretty deep into), just adds on the mileage. I preceded the plan with 4 months of reintroducing running to my life while I still crossfitted. I felt I needed a stable base, a number of weeks with road miles under my belt, before I could start The Plan. during this period of beginning running, i was still crossfitting 5 days a week and running 3-4 days a week (maybe 10 miles a week). as the miles started to ramp up, i had a close brush with over-training. I had to set my priorities and establish a strength plan that would compliment my running. After reading a lot of information in magazines, books, the web, and talking to some experts (thanks Manuel and Jesse), i built my workouts around using/developing muscles and strength that are complimentary to running and core strength. (but without any cardio, because i get enough of that on the street, track, and trail). I do manage to hit yoga once a week, as it’s easy to get there when your wife teaches the class. I have listened to my body as I work through the plan. during speed training when i ran 6 days a week (weeks 1-12), I hit the gym twice a week. when I started adding distance, but only running 5 days a week, I bumped up my strength training up to 3 days a week (weeks 13-17). now that my mileage is really ramping up, I am back down to 2 days a week in the gym and the weights I lift are decreasing. I can imagine that my last few weeks of training, I may only have body weight workouts (pull ups, push ups, sit ups, etc). I have kept an almost daily journal chronicling every workout, every run, every experiment into equipment and supplements, etc, at my blog.

    .Berlin Marathon

    it’s hard to publically commit to it. I always have a “public goal” and a “personal goal”. my public goal is to train for 30 weeks, go to Berlin, and run 26.2 miles of european city. but privately, I want a PR. I want a time that I will never be able to approach again. i want my own personal end all marathon record. this is The Plan to get me there, and I am working as hard as I can to do it. but my inner fear is that Berlin itself will be my downfall. I set my current PR of 3:51:22 on a marathon trail run, with only 200 runners, with a slight downhill elevation loss over 26.2 miles in the woods with perfect weather and temperature. I want to compete with myself, and I want to beat myself, but I’m worried about 40,000 people getting in my way. Forest trail vs concrete road. 200 people vs 40000 people. slight downhill vs mostly level. weather? time zone change? I don’t know how I will fare in Berlin, but I am working towards it every hour of every day of every week. every day i run is a personal sacrifice of my time and my effort. when every step hurts, when every step is a conscious choice to keep going, when you get in that dark place in your head and dwell there for 2, 3 ,4 hours at a time, you really question what you are doing. But all my sacrifices are matched by the sacrifices made by my wife and kids. whether it’s coming along on a bike and carrying my water for my long run, or whether its planning the family events around my runs, or maybe even just putting up with my over-tired over-trained grumpiness, they rise above it all.


    Over all, my running is very solitary. I am alone in my thoughts, alone in my pain, and alone in my accomplishments. Alone on the streets running at 5am, alone on the trail (even when its packed with runners and walkers), or even alone in a group of 40,000 people. I know it’s through my own choices and my own effort that I will get to the finish line. but even so, it’s the support of my family and friends that helps keep me strong.


    Joe – have a great race!



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