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  • Location

    Two sites are battling for our business. Either may work with the right sort of improvements. One has horrific parking the other is smaller. Negotiations continue on the sites even today.

    Once the site happens, I am ready to order equipment. The square footage is critical to how much gear we put in. Open space is important to the Crossfit model and clutter is the enemy.

    The Workout of the Day: REST
  • Location pergatory

    Crossfit-Everett has formed the legal LLC to operate. We are very close to formal and final affiliation with Crossfit, Inc.. Insurance is happening this week.

    Our location is in limbo and this is the kingpin to all the other issues. We have toured Everett and found everything from an abandoned gas station, an old warehouse to be shared with produce distributor, used furniture store and brand new strip mall shell to everything in between. All are too big, too small, low ceiling, wood floor or too expensive.

    To finalize it all we need an address! My primary goal this week is to negotiate and sign a lease. Doing sessions out of my condo is not a very good option when we are dropping 135lbs from overhead during a session of Grace. My neighbors will complain.

    Better not order equipment until I know I have an address to ship it too and know the square footage. It looks like the location domino needs to drop this week! It will. Stay posted.

  • Beginnings

    Great news! CrossFit HQ has accepted CrossFit Everett to affiliate. We hope to sign a lease very soon on a very cool space near the Everett Convention Center. If this happens, we will have about 30 days to make the space CrossFit-able and to be open for our hard working athletes by December 1st.

    Vendors are working on pricing, attorneys and tax men are setting us up so we can do business, the blog is in process and soon Everett will have a first rate CrossFit training facility and coaching. Stay posted.

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