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  • Band-aid …

    noClean up.

    Remember, our coaches’ coach, they don’t pick up after us. If you use the bands (for stretches, pull ups, pushups or for any reason), put them away when you are done.

    • Bands do not belong on the rig – they belong on the hooks in the back of the gym
    • Bands do not belong on the rings – they belong on the hooks in the back of the gym
    • Bands do not belong on the floor – they belong on the hooks at the back of the gym

    This is your fair warning, lists will be made and burpees will flow if they are not put away after each class.





    We simply ask that you treat this place like your home (unless you live in a pig stye!). Pick up the equipment you used, clean up your sweat, your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles and sweaty clothes. Basically, we ask that you put our place back the way you found it.


    thank you.

  • And this is why we don’t have nice things …


    Maybe you didn’t know that the 10# and 15# plates are NOT designed to be dropped? When you dump a set of 10# or 15# plates on a bar from the overhead or shoulder position, you are shortening the life of some very expensive equipment. The 10# and 15# plates simply can’t take the beating of repeated drops from above ground. See below …


    2014-07-10 17.49.29.

    You know, there’s a gym budget for buying cool things, adding rowers, GHDs, racks, upgrading equipment and replacing things that actually wear out.

    This picture represents over a $600 expenditure for 10# & 15# plates that were not worn out but abused and misused.

    It’s $600 that could have gone to a GHD or a new rower … but nope, we have to replace plates that should have lasted a number of years.


    There is NO reason that our very expensive 10# & 15# Rogue plates should look like this.

    This peeps, is the reason we don’t have more equipment …


    A lot of people think that when you lift weights it means that you should slam them onto the floor when done. This is bad for a number of reasons.

    • One reason is obvious… it could break the equipment and/or damage the floor.
    • The second reason is that you could really hurt yourself if you don’t practice setting weights down in a controlled and easy fashion.

    Check out this article by Greg Everett who is a lifting coach, bar none, on good practices for lowering the bar SAFELY!


    Remember to have a plan for bailing if you get in trouble.

    Ask your coach for suggestions if you are unsure about how to lower weight safely in a particular exercise.


    And as a reminder about proper care of our equipment, please do not drop the following:

    1. Empty bars
    2. Bars loaded with only 15# or 10# plates exclusively
    3. Kettlebells
    4. Bars loaded with iron plates exclusively


  • Help Us Pick the Next Women’s Rear Gear!


    Ladies of CrossFit Everett!!


    It’s your turn to pick what you’d like to purchase and wear to the box in the next few months as we look to get some customized CFE bottoms. Two choices, so please read through the descriptions and take a minute to select with the poll below which you’d rather order.







    The Capri’s:

    Are designed to provide maximum comfort utilizing the best in moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, pill resistant, non see through fabric. They also offer all the benefits of moderate compression, and a waistband that stays put. You’ll love how they feel.

    Tech Specs

    • fabric(s): COM-TEC™, pro-stretch soft mesh venting behind knee
    • 4-way stretch
    • moderate compression construction
    • ultra-light
    • wicking and breathable
    • ultra-durable
    • anti-pill
    • pre-shrunk
    • anti-odor
    • inseam: 19″ (49cm)
    • backed by our exclusive 2-4-U Guarantee


    short2The Shorts:

    Not your typical short shorts…at all.  Our intent with these cross-training inspired shorts was to maintain a feminine design while offering a modest inseam length. Stylistically proven, and functionally sound, our women’s GRACE workout shorts are made with the same 4-way stretch FLEX-SIL™ fabric that has made our men’s shorts so popular.

    Tech Specs

    • fabric(s): FLEX-SIL™
    • 4-way stretch
    • super-light
    • wicking and breathable
    • ultra-durable
    • lycra paneling for increased mobility
    • inseam: 4”
    • liner: yes
    • backed by our exclusive 2-4-U Guarantee


    We’re only doing one style at this time AND if you’re prefer something else, please make a note in the comments so we can look at that the next time we order!

    This poll is open for ONE week only!! Vote!!





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