Are YOU a Chalk Monster?


Time for a little talk … well, time for a couple of little talks this week … and LISTEN UP or else Jesse will be unleashing the Burpees from HELL upon us. Enough said?

Here we go on topic #1 – Chalk


Are you a Chalk Monster or even worse, a Chalk Whore? Simple test below to let you know. If you’re still unsure, just ask the person next to you as any of your fellow athletes will do their BEST to avoid unnecessary burpees, trust me!

Are YOU a chalk monster? Well, if:

  • You look like you were in a chalk fight
  • Your clothes are covered in chalk
  • You have chalk in your hair
  • You can taste chalk
  • You leave a trail of chalk from the chalk bucket to your car, you’re probably a chalk monster.

You should chalk up a LITTLE (there is no need to chalk up your hands like you are an Olympic Gymnast for a normal WOD as a little chalk goes a long way) when using pull-up bars, rings, kettle bells and occasionally during O-lifts.

You don’t need chalk for everything (push-up, sit-ups, box jumps, wall balls, double-unders, running or squats) or for mobility and/or stretching. Chalk doesn’t make burpees easier, either.

If your hands are sweaty, bring a towel or use one of the gym’s paper towels and dry your hands off before you chalk up so the chalk will work like it should. If your hands are really sweaty and you’re chalking up a lot, you’re basically grinding a sweaty chalk paste into the knurling on our bars and excessive chalk on the bars causes them to rust, so knock it off!

Basically, rub a small amount of chalk in your hands to help provide a better grip on the apparatus. Chalk is there to help you maintain grip rather than adorn the gym floor mats or your workout clothes. It’s important to apply just a “light dusting” of chalk. There should be NO chalk on:

  • the boxes
  • J-clips
  • or the floor

Chalk belongs in the Bucket and on your Hands, use chalk sparingly when needed to help keep the hands dry – that’s it, peeps!


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