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  • Tuesday 4/30/13




    AMRAP – 17 min.:

    5 Deadlifts (225 lb / 275 lb)
    Run 200m
    10 Pullups


    man6 …

    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total rounds / time to comments
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  • Be a Performance Whore or Life Lessons Learned

    cfSome of you may know John Welborn for his NFL career and others may know him for his CrossFit football start / career – either way, his look at his own lesson’s learned last night made me realize there are somethings in this series of articles for everyone. Which lessons are yours?


    1. Know what you are training for.

    We often sat at the seminars and my gym, “What are you training?” This translate into, you need a goal, a destination for your journey. Without you are left to wander, and this site is not called Kung Fu and you are not Caine. Pick a goal, chart a course, keep your head down and don’t come up for air until you meet it.

    2. The squat is the foundation of any good program.

    A program that does not involve the squat is incomplete. Any coach that tells you, you shouldn’t squat as it is bad for your back and knees, but if it is done you should not squat below parallel needs to be punched. Email me and I will send someone out who specializes in punching people who need a punch. And when I say squat, I mean the one where you put a heavy bar on your back. If I were talking about the front squat or overhead squat, I would have said front squat or overhead squat.

    3. Be a performance whore.

    Your only mark for progress should be performance and success. Don’t get caught up in dogma, realize all that matters is performance. Don’t get married to one philosophy or stuck in one circle. Look to expand your training arsenal and realize your only master is getting better.

    4. “Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.”

    When you start hitting the weights, certain days you feel like the weights are made of foam and you could lift the gym. Other days, the weights seem to be made of adamantium. Realize on the days when the weights are light, go for broke and set a new personal record regardless of what the program says. On the days when the opposite is true, all you need to do is survive and realize the weights will be there tomorrow.

    5. Don’t fall prey to the Secret Squirrel Program.

    This is what happens when late at night while scanning the internet you decided to hybrid CrossFit Football’s strength WOD with CFE’s running 2 days a week with CrossFit’s hero WODs and Outlaw’s Olympic programming just for good measure. All the while doing 23 hours a day of ketogenic interment fasting. If you think this secret squirrel program will help you become the fittest man on the planet you are delusional. All that will happen is you become a massive ball of injury, end up doing nothing but Mobility WOD for 2 years with the testosterone levels of a 14-year-old eunuch.

    6. You need to warm up.

    Warming up is key to raising core temperature and getting the muscles, tendons and fascia warm. You are warming up because you are preparing to train. Take the old boxing proverb to heart. “If you go into the ring cold, you come out cold.”

    7. Use Lacrosse balls

    If rolling out with a soft foam roller is painful, you have led a life of luxury and share the energy expenditure with a veal. Real athletes roll out with two lacrosse balls and Kelly Starrett sitting on your body part adjacent to it.

    8. Static Stretching is great way to cool down.


    9. The first movement at the beginning of your training week

    needs to involve a heavy bar on your back.

    10. All the machines and praying in the world

    will not build a physique like the one crafted from lifting free weights over 85% of your 1 RM.

  • Monday 4/29/13


    Back squat up to a heavy single..



    For Tabata Time:

    Push Ups
    Double Unders


    man1 …

    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total rounds / time to comments
    Or your Beyond the White Board account.



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