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  • Thursday 5/31/12

    Hang Clean and Push Press 4 x 3
    Clean Pulls 5 x 2
    4 Rounds for Time:
    15 Power Cleans
    15 Ring Dips
    15 Kettle Bell Swings (35 lb / 55 lb)
    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments. {[
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  • Drop It Once … Drop It Everytime

    Everybody has skills that they work … maybe it’s actually getting the toes to the bar or the dreaded double-unders or adding weight to the power clean. Whatever skill you’re strengthening, there’s another ability that becomes a habit as you grow your endurance, muscle and stamina –  the one of consistently stringing together the reps in any WOD without breaking (stopping or putting down the weight or just dropping for a couple of breaths).

    There’s a big difference in you abilities as you practice CF – from when you started to where you are today – you might not even notice your own growth but paying attention to your breath rate or the ease in which you now squat or lift says you’re better and you may not always push yourself as hard or as far as you can go, simply because you’re not consciously aware of your own growth and strength.

    Reading this post from Shoreline CrossFit has got me thinking about paying more attention to stringing my reps together and no longer being on autopilot as to when I stop to breathe or put the bar down because that’s where I’ve always stopped or that’s what I did when I first started. Can I hang onto the bar for one more pull-up? two more KB swings? How about trying Unbroken with me and seeing your own growth in a new light?


    Humans are absolutely bound to routine.

    Now, this can be a blessing and a curse.  There are many good habits to be formed throughout our existence as humans.

    But, I’m here to talk to you about the gym….The good news is, the longer that you force yourself to come to the gym or do something at the gym, you’ll continue to do it…

    I’m here to talk to you about one thing: breaking your reps.  You know, dropping the bar, dropping off the bar, letting the kettlebell fall, face-planting on the floor mid-push-up set, etc…

    I have a piece of advice for you:  you drop it once; you’ll drop it every time

    That’s right; every time.  Every single time

    Drop in your second set of 10 at rep 5; you’ll do it again the following set. No Doubt About It. Trust me.

    Go unbroken as long as you possibly can, and habitually, you will continue on this same path.

    Challenge yourself to go a few extra reps than that voice in your head demands.  I guarantee if you follow this, you’ll find it to be a pattern…


  • Wednesday 5/30/12

    Hang Snatch 4 x 3
    Snatch Pulls 5 x 2
    AMRAP in 10 minutes:
    6 Hang Power Snatches
    50′ Handstand Walks / 10 Hand Stand Push Ups
    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments.
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