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  • Have A Sh*t Workout?

    – Megan Keatly


    You’re working out for a reason – to maintain or improve your health – from cardiovascular to bone density, feel good, look good naked (who said that on our FB page? oh yeah BR), or just plain have energy to make it through your day – so how can you have a sh*tty workout? Hint – it’s not about the things in CrossFit you can’t do so far or the physically skills you haven’t mastered yet …

    Say No Pain, No Gain Sometimes things get a little sore but there’s a big difference between a little stiffness or soreness that goes away with movement and pain.  If it’s sharp, shooting or painful to use, stop, ice it and take a rest day (or check with a doctor if it’s chronic). There is no sense in pushing through pain or a faulty movement just because it’s part of the workout as getting hurt is not a goal for anyone.

    Feel Sick When You Finish?  There are times or workouts that you go full-bore and conquer – and there are times you go overboard and afterwords, feel nauseous or even puke, taking more than a day to recover.  Yeah, not ‘normal’ and neither is feeling dizzy or light-headed on a regular basis after a workout … those are signs that you are over doing. Those types of physical sensations make workouts something you don’t look forward to or gain benefits from.

    Compare yourself to anyone or everyone else It’s your workout, your competition is you – are you better than last time? Can you go faster, stronger or longer, is your form better or are you more flexible? These are the things that count – not the time or reps of the person working out next to you. Compare yourself to your past self – that’s the way to improve your workout.

    Don’t Have A Goal? The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score. – Bill Copeland Mastering muscle-ups, dead hang pull-up, dead lift 300 lbs – what’s your goal? Pick one, make one! Use the warmup to master your basic skills, pay close attention to the lessons and work for great form before strength.

    You should be …

    constantly proud of the progress you’ve made and where you’re at, but slightly dissatisfied all the while thinking there’s more. Let’s call it “healthfully dissatisfied”. Temporary satisfaction can usually be found when you know you have done all you can do and will continue to do so. And we believe dissatisfaction and insecurity lies where you know you haven’t.
    Dissatisfaction fuels the fire and excuses put it out.
    Nobody is perfect and unless you’re not interested in progress, I believe pressure is just a part of the equation. If dissatisfaction is coal and ambition is fire, what would you get if you added pressure and some time to work on it?
    – Health-Bent

    Having a great workout? It’s up to you!


  • Friday 3/30/12

    Recover from week

    Strength / Skill
    Hang Power Cleans


    For Time

    Hang Power Cleans (65 lb / 95 lb)
    Wallballs (14 lb /20 lb)
    Bear crawl 50 feet after each round


    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments.


  • Thursday 3/29/12


    Strength / Skill
    Work up to 1 rep max Push Press


    Push Press 50% of your 1 rep max
    Kettlebell  (44 lb / 70 lb)
    4 Burpees on the minute


    Scale / sub as needed.  Post total time to comments.


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