• We are a group of like-minded individuals in a number of ways beyond the physical and our gym is defined by the people – our coaches and your fellow athletes who make our 'box' feel more like a community and something totally different than any other gym you’ve ever been to.

  • We know everyone has their own walls to push through, each different yet we each desire to see everyone succeed and we do this best through motivation and encouragement.

  • Strength equals self-sufficiency. Being strong is empowering. Being healthy and fit can help you see the world differently. The planet looks different from a bike or a pair of skis than it does from a car or an airplane.

  • We see the bits of greatness in ourselves and our fellow athletes, while looking to make the ultimate investment, that of our health & well-being.

  • We don’t see age or level of fitness as prerequisites to participation, we see a community that moves and encourages all levels of athletes. Our workouts are scaled to your current conditioning and ability so they are individualized for you.

  • We focus on good movement from the beginning. It is much easier to take time to learn to do something right than to spend twice as much time undoing bad habits somewhere down the road. Between technique and skill, we never stop improving – we work to be a better version of the person who first walked through that door.

  • We believe personal attention along with continual instruction from our foundation classes to the workouts of the day (WODs) combined with clean eating, teach us how to move correctly to avoid injury, build strength as well as eating right in order to reach any physical goal.

  • At CrossFit Everett, we don't use machines, we are the machines. Come find out how powerful you can become without weight machines, treadmills, or ellipticals. Change is just a phone call away. 3...2...1...GO!

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CrossFit is the fastest growing strength and conditioning program in the world...for a reason. CrossFit Everett - join us and find your potential.

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CrossFit Everett - 1302 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 98201 - 425.212.9944 - info@crossfiteverett.com

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